The Baker-class Cruiser first entered service in 2272, with the USS Baker (NCC-4715).  Originally a research vessel, the ship was redesignated a destroyer to supplement the aging Larson class ships.  It was fitted with 6 phaser banks and two torpedo launchers.  This class was the first non-refit built with the new warp nacelles first used on the Constitution sub-class 'Enterprise-class' ships.


  • Length: 301 meters
  • Width: 148 meters
  • Height: 77 meters
  • Crew: 265 (Mk 2); 273 (Mk4)
  • Phasers: 3 dorsal banks (fore, port, starboard); 3 ventral banks; (FH-8)
  • Photon Torpedoes: 2 fore (FP-2)
Baker class-fasa-2302

Baker-class vessel views