The Mecklenburg-Class starship arose out of the Excelsior project of the first half of the 2280s.  With the success of the Constellation-class 4-nacelle vessel, Starfleet looked to other vessels for possible efficiencies in other spaceframe designs. Using a similarly-styled saucer section, the Mecklenburg-class utilized the FWG-3a nacelles, which were used in test simulations for the Excelsior, but ultimately rejected for that class vessel.

There were 64 vessels of this class built, from 2287 to 2314, at an average rate of 6 vessels per year. Notable in this class were the dual shuttlebays, along the sides of the engineering hull, which in this vessel was attached to the rear of the saucer. This vessel featured 20 shuttles and as a research cruiser was often found exploring new Class-M planets across the Federation.


  • Decks: 12
  • Length: 349 meters
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Crew: 355

Notable VesselsEdit

  • USS Mecklenburg (NCC-2113)
  • USS Schwerin (NCC-2114)
  • USS Strelitz (NCC-2115)